The Island View Players Club
The tier program with real benefits

Our “Benefits That Pay” program is unlike anything else on the Coast, and it all starts with your Island View Insider Card.

Island View Casino Players Club is Easier, Faster, Better. Our Tier Program allows you to earn points redeemable for slot view play, food, hotel stays, golf and much more. In addition to Tier Bonus payouts on point multipliers, kiosk games, hot seats and tournaments, our Tier Advantage feature gives you better odds of winning based on your tier level status.

Milestone Rewards provide special bonuses based on your current tier balance and Kick Start Tier Credits are awarded to you based on the tier level achieved each qualifying period.

Look for the icons to identify what promotions qualify for extra bonuses and payouts.

Tier bonus:

Depending on your tier level, you will enjoy special bonus payouts on kiosk games and hot seats, exclusive offers on events and promotions, bonus point multipliers and much more!

Tier Advantage:

The Tier Advantage feature will help to increase your odds of winning a promotion, hot seat, give-a-way or tournament. Winners will be chosen only between players that are of the same tier level.

Milestone Rewards:

Milestone Rewards are special bonuses, payouts and promotions offered to you on your way to the next level based on your current tier balance.